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Lush Bathrobes for Him and Her Make
Fantastic Wedding Shower Gifts


So your friends are getting married soon, and
you need to find a great wedding gift. 
Why not get a gift that both the bride and groom
can use on a daily basis?  Lush bathrobes
for him and her provide long lasting comfort,
and these are practical gifts newlyweds
can use every day!

You can wrap the bathrobes
together or separately, depending on
when you plan to give them.  These are
great for bridal showers in a single gift,
at a wedding shower or even
for the gift table at the wedding.  Wrap
them elegantly with a nice bow and
card, and include a few matching bath
accessories if possible.  A new couple can
always use bath items when just starting
out in a new home or apartment.

Complementary Wedding Gifts

If you want to buy more than lush bathrobes
for the bride and groom, consider getting
matching towels. You can likely find the same
or similar colors that blend with their
bathrobes or their bathroom decor.
Consider his/her deluxe bath towels with their
initials to personalize the gift. It's a great
way to express your thoughtfulness.

Luxury bathrobes provide the perfect
opportunity to say "congrats" to the
happy couple. And with online bath and
linen stores, it's easier than ever to find
exactly the wedding gift you're seeking!

Choose colors that fit his and her personalities.
Ask what their favorite colors are before
buying, and be sure to get appropriate sizes.
If buying online, read the product description
carefully to ensure you're getting top quality
bathrobes. Check out color choices,
measurements, etc., before ordering. Also,
be sure to factor in shipping costs if you're
on a limited budget. Due to the thick quality
material, luxury bathrobes are typically
heavier in shipping weight than
cheaper brands!




Bathrobe Styles

The great thing about buying bathrobes as a wedding
gift is you can pick and choose
from a number of styles, colors and fabrics. 
Deluxe bathrobes are usually lush and
durable.  Their soft, warm and cozy fabric
provides lasting comfort for the bride and
groom. Good quality bathrobes won't wear or
fade after the first few washes.  They'll
look and feel great for years!  When making a selection,
look for robes made from a
blend of Egyptian cotton and rayon. 
This ensures soft comfort without the bathrobes

being too delicate to throw in the washer/dryer.




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